How to Cut Wood with a Cricut

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Learn How To Cut Basswood To Make A Nursery Sign

My oldest daughter is expecting a baby girl later this month and I wanted to make something special for her nursery.

In searching Etsy, I found lovely name signs that cost up to a couple of hundred dollars. I’m sure those signs sold on Etsy are made with a laser but thought I’d try to recreate the same look on my Cricut Maker (original model).

In order to have more depth to the names, I cut the letters twice and glued the two layers together before adhering them to the wood round.

I’m sure this look could also be recreated using Kraft board for Explore users. Explore users could cut multiple layers of Kraft board to achieve the same look.

Learn how to cut wood on a Cricut Maker ( I have the original model) in my tutorial video or keep scrolling if you’d like a printable written tutorial with photos.

Video Tutorial

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Materials Needed For Wood Nursery Sign

  • Wood Round – I used an 18″ wood round from Michael’s.
  • Basswood – I used the Cricut brand and it cut perfectly.
  • Glue
  • Paint – I used FolkArt Acrylic paints in Wicker White, Ballet Pink, Vintage Tea Rose, and Villa Green
  • Knife Blade – Only available for Cricut Maker models
  • Strong grip mat (Cricut purple mat)
  • Masking or Painters Tape
  • Cricut Maker – or your favorite cutting machine
  • Design #143– Simple Flowers SVG/EPS/DXF/PNG – The free cut file (available in my freebie vault—get the password at the bottom of this post).
How to Cut Wood with a Cricut Maker

How to Cut Wood with a Cricut Maker

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Active Time: 2 hours
Additional Time: 1 minute
Total Time: 2 hours 16 minutes
Difficulty: Medium

Learn how-to cut basswod on a Cricut Maker to create a trendy nursery sign.



    1. Get My Free Simple Floral SVG Cut File 
      Upload my Simple Floral SVG into Cricut Design Space. Once uploaded to Design Space, your screen should look like this.  I included two versions of the same design for use with different size wood rounds. The bigger version on top is the one I used for the 18" round wooden sign in this tutorial. Because the design is longer than the wood can cut, the bottom layer (green leaves) is cut in half. Once the flowers are layered on top, the divide in the layer doesn't show. Use the format that works best for your size project.

    2. Add Text (optional)
      When using basswood on the Cricut Maker, it's best to cut thicker pieces. I added a .03" offset to the text to slightly thicken my fonts.
    3. Prepare Mat Screen
      When working with basswood, I recommend moving the cut pieces to the center of the mat and down a bit. This allows room for the wood to be placed on the center of the mat and still have room to add masking tape around the edges.
    4. Select Material
      Select Basswood 1/16" from the materials list.
    5. Load Knife Blade
      nsert the knife blade in the B clamp of your Maker. Note: if this is the first time you've used the knife blade, Cricut recommends doing a calibration first. See directions and full details from Cricut HERE.
    6. Move Star Wheels
      Slide the star wheels all the way to the right. This prevents marks in the wood while cutting. Although the Cricut Basswood comes in 12" x 6" pieces, I cut each piece down to 11" wide as the star wheels on my machine were causing the wood to drag as it was still hitting the star wheels even though I'd moved them over as far as they would go.
    7. Prepare Basswood on Mat
      Place the wood on a Strong Grip (purple) mat. I found it easiest to put the wood at the one-inch mark both horizontally and vertically. Remember in step 2, where we had to move the cut pieces to the middle. Make sure the pieces line up where the cuts will be without touching the masking tape (if possible). You're now ready to load the mat into your machine and cut.
    8. Cutting
      When using basswood it's important to stay with your machine and watch to ensure the wood is not moving and the progress of the cuts. Cricut recommends 14 passes, but I found it doesn't necessarily need quite that many, especially with a brand new knife blade. The letters in LEAH, cut with about 8 passes while the more intricate floral and leaf design took 14. It's best to pause the machine part way through and check progress by lifting a corner to determine if the machine has cut all the way through the wood.
    9. Weeding Wood
      As mentioned in the prior step, the flower and leaf portion of my design went 14 passes, but I still found there were a couple of small spots that were not cut all the way through. I easily finished the cut using my Cricut knife (Exacto style). Simply running the blade in the already cut line finished the cut.
    10. Remove Cut
      Be careful when removing the cut from the waste portion as the more intricate pieces can easily snap and break. I found using a medium grip nail file worked well to sand any rough edges once removed from the waste.
    11. Glue Layers
      I cut the letters for the name twice and glued one layer on top of the other to make the wood appear thicker. E6000 glue worked perfectly to glue the pieces together and adhere them to the wood round.
    12. Paint
      Paint the pieces and let dry completely.
    13. Glue Painted Pieces to Sign
      The last step in the process is to glue the pieces to the wood sign. On this step, I again used E6000 glue.

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  1. Gjoa, what wonderful news. Hoping all goes well with the safe arrival of a beautiful Granddaughter. Such a lovely project. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hey Gjoa! I really liked your bass wood sign tutorial! When I figure out all the quirks, and have the funds to do these projects.. I’ll give it a go! Cheers

  3. Beautiful, your directions were so easy to follow makes me want to give it a try. Thank you.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible project! You did a fantastic job designing and constructing the sign. Leah is a lucky girl, congratulations on the new family member!

  5. AHHHHπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸŽ‰You have absolutely no idea just how truly happy and excited I am to come across this! I had been wanting a cricut for YEARS and I got one this year for my birthday! My sweet daughter bought it and said I got it for me but I’m getting you your own with my next paycheck.. And, in fact it was not for her, she completely surprised me and had gotten it for me instead! I cried so hard! After all that time waiting I FINALLY GOT IT AND LOVE IT SO MUCH, IT’S BEEN SO HELPFUL especially for my small business I opened this year making home decor, seasonal decor, and personalized items and gifts!! It’s my PASSION that I truly enjoy doing more than most realize! After receiving my cricut, it was then when I’ve seen so many amazing things made with with the “Glowforge” machines for wood, I was REALLY intrigued and wanted it next lol but they are SO outrageously expensive! THANKFULLY, I HAVE HAD A HUGE BLESSING of coming across this amazing tutorial tonight… This just made my Christmas! You are truly a BLESSING to so very many of us crafty people in the most fun world of crafts and diy’s! I pray that you know just how amazing you truly are, such a true blessing to us that just either can’t afford to have a wood cutting machine or that just don’t see the point in paying so much for it, whatever it may be and that you and your beautiful family have a very BLESSED, beautiful Christmas and so many blessings in the new year! Thank you so very much from my whole heart!!!! THANK YOU! I’M SO SO SO EXCITED!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE AND BLESSINGS TO YOU AND YOURS! β™₯οΈπŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸ€ΆπŸ¦Œβ›„πŸ€—πŸ₯°β€οΈπŸŽπŸŽ€β˜ƒοΈπŸ 

  6. Hello and thank you so much for this! I have all of my supplies but haven’t tried to cut wood yet! I want to make word place settings. Which font did you use for the Caitlyn cutout?

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