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How to make Christmas Ornaments and Centerpiece

Buffalo plaid is all the rage in Christmas decor. It reminds me of a cozy winter day and I love it just as much as it is popular, so chose to use it for these easy-to-make ornaments. Along with this tutorial, you’ll find 27-holiday theme words in SVG format for you to use on your decorations.

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DIY Christmas ornaments with buffalo plaid and HTV

Materials Needed for Ornaments and Centerpiece

How to make the Centerpiece and Ornaments

I started the project by cleaning the wide mouth jars (purchased at Hobby Lobby). Once dry, I then painted a thin layer of chalk paint over the entire outside of the jar. For this project, I used FolkArt brand chalk pain in Cottage White.

While the jars dried, I cut and weeded the words that I wanted to use on both the jars and ornaments. I found that the paint dried fairly quickly, but really needed a second coat, so I sped up the process a bit using my hairdryer. Then added another coat of paint and again set the jars aside.

High-Speed video how to make the jar centerpieces and ornaments

At this point, I focused my attention on the ornaments. I placed the design a bit lower than the center on the fabric for the ornaments so that the greenery wouldn’t cover the top of the words. I have a full-size heat press but found that Cricut’s new EasyPress Mini is perfect (and so easy) for this type of project. Following the heat settings found on Cricut’s site, I selected the medium heat setting (my fabric is 100% cotton). Use light pressure and move the EasyPress gently over the design for 25 seconds. I did this on both the fabric for the ornaments and the ribbon for the jars.

Once the paint was completely dry on the jars, I used a small piece of sandpaper to rough up the paint a bit for a more rustic look. I then used a hot glue gun to attach the ribbons to the jars and the greenery to the ornaments.

I found the red glitter HTV difficult to read on black and white buffalo plaid.

If you watch through the video, you’ll see that my first thought was to make ornaments using both red and black buffalo plaid along with white and black buffalo plaid. For the white and black materials, I attempted to use red glitter HTV. I didn’t like the look once I pressed the word as I found it difficult to read. I’m sure if a thicker font was used, it probably would have turned out a bit better. Even though I consider it a fail, I do find it part of the fun to try different things when crafting.

That’s all there is to this quick and easy project. I’d love to see what you make with the Christmas theme words.


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