How To Make A Sequin Flip Pillow Using Cricut Infusible Ink

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White sequin flip pillow with ballerina

Learn how to make a sequin flip pillow with Cricut Infusible Ink.

My daughter loves to dance. She also loves the sequin flip pillows that are so popular and mesmerizing to touch. So we decided to combine the two to make this beautiful sequin flip pillow. This post will walk you step-by-step on how to make a sequin flip pillow.

Below is a short video showing how I made the sequin flip pillow using Cricut Infusible Ink. The video will cover setting up the design in Design Space using the FREE mandala ballerina design (link to download design below). It also reviews preparing the Infusible Ink transfer sheets on the mat, cutting, weeding, and pressing the pillow.

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Let’s start with the supplies you’ll need. I’ll then show you step-by-step how to make the sequin flip pillow.

Materials needed to make Sequin Flip Pillow

How to make the sequin flip pillow.

Upload and prepare for cutting in Design Space

If you need directions in the upload process. Follow the directions found in this post.

Once you select the graphic you’ll use, set the measurements to your desired size. For the ballerina, I set my design to 10 inches wide.

Screen shot of Cricut Design Space with Ballerina Mandala silhouette

After you have the size set, click “Make It’. You’ll be taken to the Prepare Mats screen. On this screen, you’ll want to make sure to mirror your design.

Screen shot of Cricut Design space prepare mat screen. Be sure to mirror design

After mirroring the image, click continue. You will then be able to use the custom material settings. Find Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet under the Iron-On category of custom settings.

Cricut Design Space screenshot. Shows custom cut settings.

Prepare Infusible Ink transfer sheet for cut

Place your Infusible Ink transfer sheet on the Standard Grip mat and press down using a brayer. Cricut recommends using a brayer to minimize the risk of oils from our hands affecting the ink on the transfer sheets.

Once you have the transfer sheet placed on the mat, you’re ready to cut the design. Tips: It helps to clean your blade by poking it repeatedly into a ball of aluminum foil before cutting the Infusible Ink transfer sheets. Don’t forget to mirror your design.

Removing excess Infusible Ink material on a desk.  Also known as weeding the design.
No tools are required to weed Infusible Ink.

Once the Infusible Ink is off your cutting mat, you can roll and gently bend the transfer sheet to ensure the cuts have separated. While doing this, you may hear cracking or popping noises. This is completely normal. Gently peel away the excess from your design using your hands. Note: I found it somewhat challenging to weed the Mandala Ballerina. If you’re inexperienced in weeding or working with Infusible Ink, you may want to choose a different design.

Now we’re almost ready to press! Heat your Easy Press 2 to 360 degrees. If you have a heat press, you can set it for 385 degrees. Cricut also indicates the original Easy Press can be used with Infusible Ink.

Preparing and pressing your Sequin Flip Pillowcase Blank

Place your transfer sheet with the ink side facing down on your blank. The carrier sheet will be on top, and you should be able to read the Cricut Infusible Ink label. I added a few strips of heat resistant tape to my design to make sure it didn’t move during the pressing step. If the Infusible Ink moves even a little bit, the edges of the design will not be crisp.

Once you have placed the design where you want it on the blank, cover the Infusible Ink with butcher paper. Each package of Infusible Ink comes with two sheets of butcher paper.

Butcher paper covering Infusible Ink Design on sequin flip pillow case.

Now we’re ready for the heat. With the Easy Press 2, you’ll press the sequin flip pillowcase blank for 120 seconds at 360 degrees. If you have a heat press, you would want it set to 385 degrees for 45 seconds. It’s VERY important that you place the Easy Press straight down on the blank. Use regular pressure with the Easy Press. Once the time is up, lift the Easy Press straight up from the pillowcase and return it to the base. Carefully remove the paper and let the sequins cool a bit before removing the transfer sheet as they’ll be pretty hot. Note: unfortunately, a regular iron will not work with Infusible Ink transfer sheets as a regular iron will not get hot enough for the ink to transfer. Also, the Infusible Ink transfers require only that all heat be evenly distributed and completed within 1 step. You cannot move the press/heat around as it will not evenly transfer the ink.

Stuff a pillow form into the sequin case and enjoy your sequin flip pillow. I’d love to see the flip pillows you create. Send me a note or share a photo on my Facebook page.

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