How To Make A Layered Shamrock Mandala With Print Then Cut Background

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Shamrocks! Nothing says St. Patrick’s Day more than shamrocks. In preparation for the upcoming holiday, I’ve created a couple of new Layered Mandala designs. I couldn’t decide between a three or four-leaf shamrock, so designed one of both. ☘️

In the photo above, the four-leaf shamrock is in a Rectangle Cardstock Shadow Box Frame that I designed. You can find that post HERE. The Happy St. Patrick’s Day background is available with the Layered Shamrock Mandalas on this post. Read on to learn how to use the print then cut background.

I don’t mind if you use these designs for personal or small business commercial use up to 200 items, but please do not re-sell or re-distribute the files. I’d ask that you direct your crafty friends here to download the files themselves.  Also, I don’t allow my designs to be used in print-on-demand shops or on transfers that will be sold. Click HERE for complete Terms of Service.

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  • 65lb. Cardstock – I used Recollections Cardstock from Michael’s.
  • Foam tabs or tape
  • Spray adhesive glue
  • Home Printer – optional for print then cut background. This is the compact printer that I use in my craft area. It prints the Recollections 65lb cardstock beautifully.
  • Light grip mat (blue)
  • Cricut Maker – or your favorite cutting machine
  • Design #120 – Layered Shamrock Mandala SVG – My free SVG cut file (available in my freebie vault—get the password at the bottom of this post).

How To Cut And Assemble A Layered Shamrock Mandala With Optional Print Then Cut Background

Included in the download for this post is three SVG designs.

In the written tutorial below I will focus on using the Happy St. Patrick’s Day background with the four-leaf Layered Shamrock Mandala. I then cut the Rectangle Shadow Box Frame that can be found HERE.

New to Design Space and looking for help with how to upload? Click HERE to find directions to get started.

Once uploaded, we’ll first focus on the Happy St. Patrick’s Day background piece. On-screen, it will appear black, but in fact, it’s saved in a green color. If you’d like to change the color of the writing, highlight the writing layer, then select your desired shade.

Next, select both the writing layer and the rectangle shape (you can also change that color, if desired) then click Flatten.

Next, resize the shamrock layers while grouped to fit your project needs. I placed the shamrock on top of the frame layer to determine the appropriate size as pictured above. We’re now ready to “Make It”.

After clicking “Make It”, you’ll be taken to the prepare mats screen. Here you’ll see the print then cut design with the black rectangle (registration marks for your Cricut) to read. If your mats look correct, click continue.

Next, we’ll print the Happy St. Patrick’s Day background layer. Click “Send To Printer”.

Select your printer if it didn’t appear in the print setup box, then click Print. Note: since we’ve flattened the design, you can leave the “Add Bleed” button on. It will not affect this design.

Once your background has printed, the next step is to select your base material. I printed the background in my photos on 65lb. cardstock. I’ve found with my Maker, I can cut 65lb. cardstock perfectly with the Light Cardstock setting. Machines can vary, so be sure to test cut your material to find a setting the works for your machine and blade.

To prepare for cutting, use a brayer when placing paper on the mat. This greatly reduces the paper from slipping, which is a frequent cause of tears during cutting.

Once your layer has cut, it’s best to remove the mat from the paper. Turn the mat upside down on your work surface and gently bend it back while keeping the paper flat on your surface.

Because the top few layers are so thin, I used Elmers Craft Bond spray glue to adhere the top 3 layers to each other. I place the piece that needs glue in the bottom of a box that I keep to keep overspray to a minimum.

To add a touch of depth to the project, I added foam Tombow Foam Tabs between the bottom two layers.

Simply attach the Layered Shamrock Mandala to your Happy St. Patrick’s Day print then cut background and place it in the shadow box frame. A cute and simple holiday decoration.

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Download the Layered Shamrock Mandala SVG Cut File By Subscribing (FREE) Below To Get The Password To My Freebie Vault

DOWNLOAD the Layered Shamrock Mandala and Happy St. Patrick’s Day background SVG Cut files by entering the password to my Freebie Vault. Click HERE to go to the freebie vault, my library of free downloads. To sign up for a password to my free designs, enter your name and email address below. ⬇️

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  1. Thank you so much, Gjoa! I have been looking all over the internet for one of these, and the only ones I could find I really didn’t like. This is beautiful!

  2. Hello I love your designs but I am frustrated because I always have a difficult time getting to the actual place to download. I go round and round. I have subscribed to your blog so I have the password. Please tell me what I am doing wrong.

    1. Hi Kim,
      There is a quick video and photo direction inside the freebie vault. To keep it short and sweet though, on each post in the materials list, I list the design and the # that it’s been assigned for my freebie vault along with a link to the vault. Once you’ve entered the password, scroll down to the matching number and click the very first link following the number. The file will automatically download. Let me know if you have more questions.

  3. Wow! I’m so glad I found your designs. They are beautiful. Thank you for making my gift-giving a lot easier.

  4. Good Morning,
    I’m looking to create this but the links for the SVG download seem to be broken.

    1. Hello, All of my free downloads are located in my freebie vault for subscribers. Click the link right after the design #120 (in this case) and the file will automatically download.

  5. Thank you for the tip on you use the spray adhesive without a mess! I have been trying to figure out the best way!

  6. I used the four-leaved shamrock for St. Patrick’s themed “thinking of you” cards. The Layered Shamrock file was super easy to work with – cuts like a dream! Everything you do works beautifully – your files are amazing! I’m using this same shamrock, along with some added crocus and snowdrop blooms, for my March front porch welcome sign too.

  7. Hello! When I download the file and upload to design space there are not multiple layers. How do I fix this?

    1. Hi Mae. The shamrocks were only saved in SVG format. Once uploaded to Design Space, they will be in multiple layers.

  8. Love the font used for happy St. Patrick’s day on the background. Could I get the font name please?

    1. Isn’t that a cute font? It’s from Amy Groesbeck, you’ll find her fonts on Teachers Pay Teachers. The font is called The Face Aint Listening. (she’s got some hilarious font names).

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