Lucky Shamrock Layered Shadowbox

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I’ve come to enjoy changing out my shadowbox frame with seasonal decorations. Now that Valentine’s is over, it’s time to take the decorations down and put up St. Patrick’s Day decor.

This design is perfect for those who may be just beginning to work with paper. Not too intricate, but still turns out really pretty.

The design is only four layers (as pictured). Included in the SVG is an extra layer that is “hidden” upon upload in case you want to add one more to the front of your shadowbox. I also included an extra shamrock off to the side.

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How To Cut and Assemble the Lucky Shamrock Shadowbox

Download design #159 from my Freebie Vault, unzip and upload the SVG file to Cricut Design Space. If you don’t yet have the password to my vault, you can request it by signing up for my email list at the bottom of this post.

This design was saved at 8 inches square.

If you need to resize the design, be sure to leave the layers grouped and focus on the height of the pattern. There is an extra layer “hidden” as shown in the screenshot above. I included a white shamrock layer that could be placed on top of the green. There is also an extra shamrock off to the side.

Measure the inside section of your shadowbox frame. I’m using the Belmont 8×8″ Shadowbox from Michael’s. I set my project to cut at 7.55″ square.

Select the material setting based on your material choice. Explore Air users can use the dial on cardstock or turn it to Custom to see a screen like above. Explore 3 and Maker users will always set base material on this screen.

I used the Medium Cardstock setting on the Lucky Shadowbox.

When working with cardstock, use a brayer to make sure the paper firmly adheres to the mat. This greatly reduces tearing.

Once all layers are cut, it’s time to assemble. Start by gluing the word Lucky on the top layer. Set aside to dry.

Next place foam tabs on the back of the second from the bottom layer. Then attach to the bottom layer.

Repeat the foam tape with the 3rd layer and attach it to the front of the second layer.

Repeat the foam tabs with the top square layer and attach. The last step is to glue the shamrock outline to the front.

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  1. I am always so amazed at the details you add to each design so the layers are always perfectly aligned.
    Thank you for your free files and the time you put into each one and the well thought out tutorials on how to assemble. 🙂

  2. This was so fun to make! I’m new at this got my Cricut Maker Black Friday for my 66th birthday. I’m slowly trying different things.
    Thank you Gjoa!

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