Layered Watermelon Mandala

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Summer is almost here. When looking around my home, I decided I’d like to have some cute summery decor and figured I start with a watermelon.

Layered paper projects are still so popular, I thought it may be fun to create a design that could be used with the regular size machines and a smaller version for the Cricut Joy.

Diagnal close up of Layered Watermelon Mandala made from cardstock in a black square shadowbox frame

This project includes two SVG cut files. The watermelon and the watermelon with the Hello Summer writing. Choose which one fits your needs and machine.

I don’t mind if you use these designs for personal or small business commercial use up to 200 items, but please do not re-sell or re-distribute the files. I’d ask that you direct your crafty friends here to download the files themselves.  Also, I don’t allow my designs to be used in print-on-demand shops or on transfers that will be sold. Click HERE for complete Terms of Service.

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Materials Needed For A Layered Watermelon Mandala

How To Cut and Assemble A Layered Watermelon Mandala

How To Cut and Assemble A Layered Watermelon Mandala

Yield: One Fun Summer Craft Project

Learn how easy it is to cut and assemble this Layered Watermelon Mandala. I've cut the half watermelon pictured on my Cricut Joy.


    1. Get My Free Layered Watermelon Mandala SVG Cut File Upload my layered mandala SVG into Cricut Design Space. Once uploaded to Design Space, your screen should look like this.

      Are you new to working with Cricut and need help with how to upload cut files? My How To Upload SVG Files In Cricut Design Space post will provide step-by-step directions on how to upload SVGs to Design Space.
    2. Set up Design Space to Cut
      Resize the watermelon (while grouped) to fit the needs of your project. I set the height of my project to 4.25 inches tall so that I would be able to cut this one on my Cricut Joy. You're now ready to "Make It".
    3. When using the Joy, the machine will ask if you'll be using a mat (and if so, which one). Because I'm cutting the project from cardstock, I chose the "On Mat" setting.
    4. Prepare Mat Screen
      The next screen will show the order of the mats and the placement of each cut on those mats. If you need to move pieces around, this is the time. Then click Continue.
    5. Select Base Material
      The last step prior to loading the mat will be to select your base material. I chose medium cardstock for this project.
    6. It's now time to load your mat. First, we need to place the paper firmly on the mat. I highly recommend using a brayer to reduce tears while cutting.
    7. Cut All Layers
      Follow the prompts on the screen to complete cutting all layers.
    8. Remove Cut Layer From Mat
      As each layer finishes cutting, gently remove the layer from the mat. Turn the mat upside down and gently bend the mat away from the paper while holding it to your work surface.
    9. Attach All Layers
      The photo below shows how I assembled both this half watermelon and the Hello Summer Layered Watermelon Mandala (made on my Maker) I used a combination of glue and foam tabs to adhere the project.
    10. Spray Adhesive Top Layer
      I started with the top intricate mandala layer using spray adhesive. Place the layer upside down in a box (to contain the overspray) and gently mist. Then glue immediately to the next layer.
    11. Foam Tabs
      The next couple of layers (shown in red) are attached using foam tabs. Repeat the foam tabs between the green layers.
    12. Glue
      The final step is to glue the black layer to the green pieces. Then glue all the little watermelon seeds.


    If you'd like to prop your Layered Watermelon Mandala up using the easel stand (as pictured above), you can find the Easel Stand free on my blog. Click HERE.

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    1. What a delightfully different design. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I am with you on the Easter decorations – maybe I should finish taking mine down too.

    2. When I unzip the file the files are labeled Microsoft Edge HTML Document. I right click on the folder and same thing. Any tips? I love the look of your projects but I can’t use any of them like this.

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