Make A Stained Glass Cross With Cardstock

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I’ve always found stained glass fascinating and beautiful. When planning my design and blog post for this Easter week, it came to me. I wanted to create a design that would look like a stained glass window.

I have to admit, I’m really pleased how the design turned out. I hope you enjoy this quick and easy project. The beauty of the finished project certainly doesn’t show through the photographs.

The cross is pretty even without lights illuminated.

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Materials Needed For Stained Glass Cross Shadow Box

Video Tutorial

How To Cut And Assemble The Layered Stained Glass Cross

Download the Free SVG from my Freebie Vault.

New to Design Space and looking for help with how to upload? Click HERE to find directions to get started.

Once in Design Space, click upload.

Click Upload Image

Click Browse

Navigate to the unzipped SVG file.

Once back to the Upload screen, click the design to select it. There will be a thin green frame around the design. Then click Insert Image.

At this point, if the design needs to be resized for your frame or project, you may change the size on this main canvas. Then click Make It!

Select the material size appropriate for your paper. Then click Continue.

Set the material. If using fairy lights. I recommend cardstock to be 65lbs. or less so that the lights will shine through the paper.

At this point, you’re ready to load your mat to the machine and tap the Go button.

Use a brayer when placing paper on the mat will greatly reduce tearing.

Once cut, remove the paper from the mat. I recommend turning the mat upside down so that the paper is against your work surface and gently bend the mat away from the paper while holding it flat. This helps reduce curling and ripping.

Once all layers are cut, it’s time to assemble. The fun thing about this design is it’s easy to layer as the middle layer order doesn’t matter. I used a bit of double-sided crafter’s tape between the layers to keep them lined up.

We’re now ready to attach the fairy lights using 3D Zots.

Start at the bottom of the cross and line the cross with lights using the Zots to adhere the wire to the cardstock.

The fairy lights are spread evenly placed along the cross.

Once the lights are place, insert the layers in your frame. Then add the bottom layer to cover up the zots.

The wire is thin enough that there is no need to make a hole in the back of the frame. Carefully close the frame with the wire along the edge.

I used painter’s tape to secure the battery pack. This is for ease of changing the battery later.


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  1. Well done. Tutorial was awesome. So simple and yet so beautiful. I love it and can’t wait to make it. Thank you for sharing it with us. Happy Easter

  2. I have no need for a cross, but I love the stained glass look–it’s beautiful! I wonder if you put the fairy lights outside the image (like an outline, but still behind all the colors), would they still be bright enough to light it up? I’ve never used fairy lights but wondering if that would light it more evenly? Perhaps they aren’t bright enough for that, though. Anyhow, terrific idea and excellent results! Off to see if I can make myself a stained glass peep or something! 😉

  3. I made this for an Easter decoration. When my daughter saw it, she absolutely loved it! So today I made one for her. I love the cross with the stained glass look. Thanks for sharing this beautiful design. God bless you.

  4. I was just wondering if you are putting the zots on top of the lights or on the wire in between the lights?

    1. I’ve done both. It really doesn’t matter. The nice thing about the zots is they’re clear, so if needed to be on top the lights, the light still shines through.

  5. Thanks for this pattern! I made for my pastor husband and he loves it. I made one with just cardstock, but the light did not show through. My sister suggested vellum and that was perfect! Thanks again.

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