Are You Ready For The Super Bowl?

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3 photos on green grass background.  Two outside photos are shirts and the middle photo is a football made from layers of cardstock.

It’s almost time for the Super Bowl!

Whether you’re hosting a get-together or just watching the game at home, it’s always fun to have decorations for the “big game.”

I enjoy watching college football but don’t get into professional games much, so I’m certainly a watching for commercials type of gal.

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This post will be broken into two sections. The first will cover the shirts. Scroll down a bit to read about the cardstock Layered Football.

Materials Needed for Commercial and Food Shirts

  • CRICUT – or your favorite cutting machine
  • Easy Press 2 – you can also use a home iron or heat press
  • Iron-On Vinyl – my favorite is Siser from Expressions Vinyl
  • Blank Shirt – this is my favorite style in raglan. It’s incredibly soft.
  • Design #156 – Super Bowl Football SVG/DXF/EPS/PNG cut files (available in my freebie vault—get the password at the bottom of this post)

Both designs were saved in a single layer (for an easy one-color shirt) or multi-layer project. In the download folder, select the cut file to fit your needs.

How to Make a Super Bowl Shirt

Upload the free design to Design Space and size to fit your shirt.

If you need help learning how to upload, click HERE.

Ensure to mirror the design before cutting when using Iron-On Vinyl, then cut. The shiny side of the HTV (heat transfer vinyl) will need to go down on your cutting mat. Once cut, weed away the extra HTV. Use your iron or Easy Press 2 to press the vinyl design onto the shirt. Follow the Cricut EasyPress Recommended Settings if using an Easy Press.

Materials Needed for Layered Football

Layered Cardstock Football helmet and layered cardstock football

The Layered (American) Football looks great with the helmet that I previously designed. If you’re interested in making a helmet, find that post HERE.

The cardstock stands pictured above can be found in THIS post.

How To Cut and Assemble a Cardstock Layered Football

After you’ve downloaded the design from the freebie vault, unzip and upload the Layered American Football to Cricut Design Space.

The design will upload with all layers grouped. The only thing that needs to be done on the main canvas screen is to select the size you’d like for your project. Resize the design with all layers grouped.

This image shows all the layers separated. You’ll see I added a dot and circle to each of the layers except the top. This is for easy identification to place the stripes and keep the layers in order.

I cut the layered football from 65-lb. cardstock with my Maker using the Medium Cardstock setting. I always a small suggest a test cut if you’re using new material. My blade is aging, so I chose the medium cardstock setting. When the blade is brand new, I can cut 65-lb cardstock on the Light Cardstock setting perfectly.

Use a brayer on the cardstock once you’ve placed it on your mat. This greatly reduces tears while cutting as it ensures the paper doesn’t slip.

Helpful Hint: Once you’ve cut the white layers, mark each of them with a light mark or highlighter, so you know which is the top side. I did this on each of the pieces except the top layer and laces.

I didn’t do this on my prototype and it was difficult to figure out which piece went in the right direction, and it does make a difference.

Remove the paper from the mat by turning the mat upside down and gently bending away from your work surface.

Repeat this process for all layers of the design.

Once all pieces are cut, it’s time to glue the strips to each layer of the ball.

The design will be cut with small cutouts on the ball portion of each layer. Use this as a guide to ensure you glue the stripes in the correct spot.

Match the number of dots on the stripes to the ball pieces. The layers will go from number one on the bottom through five. Then place the top layer that has no dots.

For the Layered American Football, I chose to use Beacon 3 in 1 Craft Glue. I discover this glue late last year and find that it works really well when you need time to place the item and move it just a tad into place. It only takes a little bit, dries clear and the paper doesn’t warp.

After gluing all the strips, it’s time to place foam tabs between each layer of the ball. Start at the bottom and work your way to the top.

To give the laces dimension, start with the bottom of the two pieces using foam tabs. Then move to the top layer of laces. I gently bent the laces down so they’d touch the ball.

That’s all there is to it. Now show off the ball at your Super Bowl gathering.

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